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Scaling Referral Partnerships

A differentiated client acquisition approach for Beaufort Pathfinder Wealth Management.

"The campaign has really exceeded my expectations in terms of outcomes and the whole team have been excellent."

Billy Moss, Partner at Beaufort Pathfinder Wealth Management

A partnership event for Beaufort Pathfinder Wealth Management, attended by referral partners and channel partners from law and accountancy firms


Beaufort had tried a number of different approaches to their marketing before approaching Twenty One Twelve in 2022.

They tasked us with finding the most efficient way to acquire customers with over £1 million in funds under management.

After a phase of consultancy, Twenty One Twelve proposed an approach designed to scale Beaufort's most effective form of leads: referrals.

Scaling Referrals

After analysing Beaufort's customer acquisition efforts, Twenty One Twelve noticed the firm's most lucrative and quickest client wins came from referrals from professional connections; namely, accountants and lawyers.

Accountants and lawyers are required by their professional bodies to undergo 20 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) each year. This gave us an idea: what if Beaufort could offer CPD sessions to these professionals?

Our reasoning? 

The CPD sessions gave us an excuse to reach out to potential introducers i.e. accountants and lawyers, capture their data and position Beaufort Pathfinder as the go to firm for financial planning assistance. It's a win/win situation.

Our Approach


Digital Community

We conduct outreach to lawyers or accountants and invite them to join Beaufort's community. Once they are subscribed they start receiving Beaufort's newsletter, which sheds light on technical financial planning issues which may be relevant to the professionals and their clients.


Physical Touchpoints

To build the relationships, the lawyers and accountants are invited to Beaufort's robust calendar of events. This includes CPD sessions, networking breakfasts and fun events such as wine tasting. This strengthens the relationship and helps expedite the referral process.


Driving Referrals

We segment and analyse who is in the community, nurturing key individuals and offering their firms private CPDs. We also educate the community at large on how and when to refer to Beaufort, including rewarding those that do so. To generate end-client leads we also conduct 'content swaps'.

Beaufort Wealth Management seminar for high-net-worth private clients, referral partners and channel partners in collaboration with YOU Asset management pictured is Billy Moss, a partner at Beaufort


Since the start of the project Beaufort's online community has grown to over 300 lawyers and accountants. This community is providing a steady stream of new referral partners and high quality leads.

As we run more events and conduct further account based marketing activities, we expect to see this activity increase.

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