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The Disruption House

Go-To-Market & Channel Enablement for The Disruption House.

"From the beginning they have worked hard to understand what we want to achieve and then aligned with us to deliver that outcome ... I strongly recommend Twenty One Twelve Marketing."

Rupert Bull, CEO of The Disruption House

The Remit

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Channel Partner Acquisition & Enablement

Twenty One Twelve has been instrumental in helping TDH create it's partner proposition and acquisition strategies, as well as designing and implementing the on-going partner enablement plan.

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Brand Awareness & End-Client Acquisition

Building a brand in the sustainability space is incredibly difficult. It's a saturated market and it's crucial to practice what you preach. Twenty One Twelve has supported the elevation of TDH's brand as well as developing their end-client acquisition strategies.

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Marketing Strategy Oversight and Support

TDH trusts the Twenty One Twelve team as its outsourced marketing department, we are there to advise and join meetings to ensure TDH's marketing strategy is aligned to the business' wider aims and mission.

Growth Through Channel Enablement

"I have great confidence when I ask Twenty One Twelve for something that it will be done well and on time."

Rupert Bull

Over the last 18 months we’ve helped UK FinTech, The Disruption House (TDH), refine their partner acquisition strategy, develop their partner enablement programme and design their go-to-market strategy.

This has included helping TDH find their point of difference within the highly competitive and saturated sustainability consultancy market and revamp their partner proposition.

We’ve developed a system for taking their heavy-duty academic research and transforming it into bite-size cross-channel marketing content for partners and for TDH's own marketing platforms.

Alongside this, we developed TDH's partner on-boarding and on-going enablement plans, as well as supporting their sales team's efforts in acquiring the right partners.


This has resulted in the acquisition of several high-profile partnerships with ECOVIS, haysmacintyre, BluSky, Temenos and Natwest. Currently, we are working closely with each partner to support their resale of TDH’s innovative ESG solutions.

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Wider Go-To-Market Initiatives

The Disruption House, ESG consultancy, featured in the Evening Standard. Article written and designed by Twenty One Twelve

Alongside their efforts with Channel Partners, The Disruption House needed to build its own brand and prove an end-client acquisition system. 

Twenty One Twelve has helped develop this system, from analysing how to monetise website users with no human interaction through to developing sector specific marketing campaigns. These campaigns leverage insight from TDH's academic research.

From a physical activation perspective, Twenty One Twelve supports TDH with their efforts at trade shows and events such as Gulls Eggs, MSI, Accountex and Reset Connect. Ensuring TDH attains an ROI from its presence at these events.

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