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Channel Marketing: The Key To Sustainable Business Growth

What is Channel Marketing? And how can it help you increase sales and grow your business?

At Twenty One Twelve we talk a lot about Channel Marketing. 


Because it generates great results for our clients, helping them to reach and engage their target market effectively.

However, in an industry where ‘sexy’ marketing tactics like influencer and social media marketing can take centre stage, we wanted to shed some light on what channel marketing is and why it's so effective. 

What is Channel Marketing?  

Often people refer to marketing channels as the components that make up a marketing strategy, like blogs, social media platforms, email marketing etc. 

Channel marketing on the other hand, is an overarchingoverarching strategy used to boost sales, increase brand visibility and gain access to new markets.

How does Channel Marketing work? 

In its simplest form, channel marketing is an approach that involves having other parties (either businesses or individuals) resell your product or service. 

Whereas, direct-to-consumer marketing, is a method of selling products directly to customers without the involvement of any intermediaries. 

Channel Marketing, or Partnership Marketing, allows businesses to benefit from their partners' expertise and resources, including their networks, marketing channels, and customer bases.

For instance, a cybersecurity SaaS provider could team up with an IT consulting firm, expanding their reach and offering comprehensive solutions to clients seeking cybersecurity measures. 

Why is Channel Marketing so powerful? 

Channel Marketing has many benefits and can be tailored to any industry, brand or product. 

However, three key benefits we like to highlight are:

Building Trust: Teaming up with reputable channel partners can increase the credibility of your products and services. This trust by association can lead to increased sales and brand recognition. 

Reaching New Customers: A key benefit of channel marketing is that the right partners will allow your products or services to reach audiences you would otherwise not have access to. With this, you are piggybacking on the ‘know, like, trust’ your partners already have with these audiences, something that takes a long time to cultivate through conventional marketing. 

Saving Time & Money: By delegating consumer-facing advertising and marketing responsibilities to channel partners, you can lower your cost per acquisition, enhancing return on investment. 

The Key To Success 

Creating a successful channel marketing partnership hinges on fostering a mutually beneficial relationship, where both parties are aligned towards the common objective of driving sales. 

Partnerships thrive when there is reciprocity in benefits. While your partners gain from incentives such as a percentage of product sales or discounted bulk purchases for resale, it is important to ensure these arrangements are fair and sustainable for both parties. 

This is where we can help. 

Twenty One Twelve - The Partnership Marketing Experts 

Currently, some of Twenty One Twelve’s biggest clients are increasing their revenue and building a more consistent pipeline by selling through indirect channels like intermediates or distributors. 

Twenty One Twelve is proud to support them in the creation and enablement of these partnerships.

Recently, we helped The Disruption House develop its channel marketing strategy. Whilst only in its infancy, it's already delivering tangible, commercial results as we enable the company’s partners to effectively resell its products. 

If you are interested in learning how channel marketing can help grow your business feel free to drop us a message

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